Company Overview: The Hammer Depot

Back in 1958, two guys got together and undertook a small contract to break some post-war concrete stack piles. In those days, hammers were air powered. In time, the contracts grew in size and soon hundreds of men were working on contracts spread far and wide. Much of the work undertaken involved breaking concrete or rock. By 1968, a fleet of hydraulic hammers mounted on rubber tyre backhoes were in everyday use, and larger hammers were introduced, mounted on tracked excavators. Hammer manufacturers started producing larger and larger hammers and so the did the size of the demolition and refurb contracts. Bigger hammers could tackle bigger bolder jobs, replacing old drop ball methods. When hammers would come in off site, they would be rebuilt and put back to work or sent out on rentals. From rental hammers, rebuilding hammers, trading and hammer sales became the next logical progression. Over the years, the business diversified into all kinds of contracting: working on freeways, sewer and watermain, building bridges as well as knocking them down. The hammer sales off shoot of the business has steadily continued to grow and today we have some of the largest and most varied stocks of hammers, parts and tools located in both North America and in Europe.

Much in the world has changed since those early days, but our philosophy of being helpful and assisting everyone who passes by has remained steadfast throughout. Give us a call. If we can help you, we will; if not, we will try and point you in the right direction.

Today, there are many companies in the group in different countries. Hammerock and
The Hammer Depot are supported and backed by associate corporations in the United Kingdom.

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